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Aung San Suu Kyi is one of the most famous women in the world. He is a holder of the Nobel Peace Prize and was praised as the “Mandela of Asia” for its human rights record. However, when we look at the fate of the Rohingya, you have to question the sense of caring, compassion and integrity.

Suu Kyi, like tens of thousands of people worldwide, simultaneously and campaigned so hard to have a pro-democracy leader. He was released from the shackles of the Burmese junta that has to house arrest for years.

When he was finally released to lead his country, a glimmer of hope of a better future are born. But now we are really puzzled by the silence of his attitude about plight of the Rohingya, they live in squalor and inhumane treatment in Myanmar.

Burma-Myanmar’s military junta refused to recognize the existence of the Rohingya, and will only refer to them as “Bengali-Bangladesh”. Now, under the political leadership of Aung San Suu Kyi, the government has gone further by banning the use of the word Rohingya, though 1.1 million people have vanished. We must ask whether he and his generals to spy on its citizens background, following the Israeli measures to clean up unwanted citizens and ethnic minorities?

Do not forget that Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion had a relationship so close to Burma. In December 1961 he was given a remarkable tribute during a state visit by convening the red carpet. Shortly before boarding the plane he gave a press conference: “I have today left a new country that is no stranger to us (friends-red); throughout Asia, no nation is more friendly to Israel than Burma. Israel and Burma are two old country with a long history that is renewed by their independence in 1948. ”

According to Ben-Gurion, “Both countries (Israel and Burma) so democratic and follows the same principle in foreign relations, promote friendly relations and mutual help with all peace-loving country and without harming the interests of other countries; faithful to the principles of international cooperation based on the principles of the United Nations. ”

Of course a visit of Israeli leaders did not stop until Ben-Gurion only; Shimon Peres Moshe Dayan, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi and Golda Meir, all went to visit Burma along with other politicians. Including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who adds friendliness to visit the leaders of Burma-Myanmar in Tel Aviv.