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POSMETRO INFO – Jame Masjid Imam Al-Furqan New York and his assistants were shot dead after running prayers, Saturday (13/08/2016) then. Police now have arrested the culprit, but none of the media called it a terrorist.

Police arrested Oscar Morel. 35-year-old man charged with possession of firearms and the murder of imams Maulama Akonjee and Thara Uddin. Both the US Muslim population of Bangladeshis aged 55 and 64 years old was shot Morel on Saturday (08/13/2016) afternoon and was buried on Monday (8/15/2016), attended by hundreds of residents of New York.

Head of the New York Police Department, Detective Robert Boyce, explaining how Morel got caught. Initially, Morel photographed are in Ozone Park, the scene when the shooting occurred.

Eyewitnesses strengthen, the Chevy TrailBlazer black-owned Morel Ozone Park were seen leaving after the shooting.

Hose approximately 10 minutes after the shooting, Morel involved in traffic incidents at a distance of 4.8 kilometers from the shooting scene. Traffic incident investigations It then progresses to the investigation of the shooting. Har Morel was arrested on Sunday (14/08/2016), but by then he has not been charged as the gunman.

Interestingly, none of the Western media who called Morel as terrorists. “Maybe because the victims are Muslims,” said a netizen partially pay attention if there are events that otherwise non-Muslim victims and perpetrators Muslims, would soon be crowded article entitled terrorists. [Tarbiyah]